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Watched "Lage Raho" last night.......

Gandhiji never made an impression on me all these years.I dont mean to be disrespectful...but somehow i could never connect with his ideals.But since last night he's got me thinking.On the way back i stared long and hard at his picture on a note......
A raw sincerity shows through out the movie..Sanjay Dutt and Circuit are simply superb!
They should consider making a "Munnabhai" series like the "Carry on" series.
Vidya Balan is fresh but hasnt graduated beyond"the girl next door" image.


hese ten days have been a flurry of activity with rustling silks , sparkling diamonds, spicy sundals, smells of cardamom and kesar, girls in pavadais, haldi, kumkum and an rainbow of colours.......I love this time of the year because i get to meet a lot of people ..friends, cousins, siblings, first cousins's mother-in-law's sister, father's sister's daughters in law..and so on..(.hahahaha just kidding!)

is a festival i adopted when i got married. My in - laws are Iyers from Palakkad, Kerala so they get the best of both worlds..which is they get to do all the stuff Tamilians do and also the stuff Keralites do . Onam and Vishu are some of our adopted celebrations. While onam celebrates the return of the King Mahabali, from the depths of the earth to bless the people of Kerala, Vishu is a celebration to mark the new year.But the best part of both festivals is the elaborate meal that is called the Sadhi or the Sadhya.which is served on a plantain leaf .Will post pictures of a Plantain leaf Sadhi soon! It includes stuff like kalan, olan, avial, errisherry, tooran, papadam, payasam.................yum!!!!!



This is Havelock beach..rated among the best beaches in Asia. Its breathtaking and picture perfect from anyangle. PortBlair has little to offer but Havelock rocks.

Thats my son holding on to a starfish...he found when he was taken on a snorkelling trip.I have never seen such an awesome undersea habitat.It was my first exposure to the undersea...was kinda intimidating......

Aug. 24th, 2006

These are flowers from my in-law's garden. Its a small well- loved garden they have.... and the best part of it is this small granite "Thinnai" or platform they have made.It gives a 180 degree view of the garden and the couple look so content sitting on it discussing natwar singh or playing scrabble.

(Sigh!) contentment is a virtue that i need to cultivate.


There is a very sincere doubt i wish to clear.......do looks matter?

if i was a man .... honesty and sincerity would matter more than a hourglass body or a french manicure ...
Sensitivity and humour would matter more than that low hip designer label or that two piece yellow polka dot bikini.....


There is an american family that lives on the fourth floor of my building. The dad is a very interesting sort of man . he happens to be the Phantom Planter ...he goes around the world planting flowers!!!!! he apparently planted some here in the building and the "mali" had a lot to say to him.!!!

"Known as The Phantom Planter because he goes around planting flowers in public places. Since 1979 he guesses he's planted over 21,317 flowers in ten states and three foreign countries. In October, 2003, he planted 202 tulips, crocuses and windflowers right under the St. Louis Gateway Arch. On April 12, 2004, he struck in Buenos Aires, Argentina, planting dozens of Morning Glories in La Boca and in the park in front of the Casa Rosada. This fall he checked out the Liberty Bell and decided to plant daffodils at the Brith Shalom nursing home in Philadelphia. (He may have an obsessive compulsive floral disorder.) "

anyway this guy seems to have held various "day" jobs including: a union organizer, telephone operator for the deaf, cabin boy on a research vessel in Antarctica, Bobcat dance producer, landscaper, lawyer, day care center assistant teacher and "Mr. Friendly" at the Brooklyn Children's Museum.

(these are excerpts from his home page http://www.itzahckret.com)

He also makes these awesome "mobiles" that he has put up outside his home.i will try and get a picture of it soon .


i met a very interesting man today. he is 60 years old. he is a computer professional, musician, film maker, half farmer , metal and wood engraver , freemason,templar knight and poet of sorts.
he plays half a dozen musical instruments, his resume makes me hide under a sheet, and his zest for life inspires me.
man..how much i crib about not having the time for anything. when i tell him this he says.."as kids we were taught to do anything we put our minds to do" Fine way to raise kids i'd say.

i felt so small in front of him. but my resolve to find time and do things ive always wanted to has been reinforced.

i had a friend while in college. she came from a weird family. they lost their son who was brilliant in an accident. from then on they all walked about life like zombies. the only human element in that house was her dad playing the violin. He was really awesome. he never played it in front of anyone....but you could always hear notes wafting through the house...melancholic notes...he played alone in his room below the stairs.
TO cope with his sorrow he learnt to play the violin.
and as always music heals.........

the two above posts are unrelated...i had no control over my thoughts as i typed this.

Jun. 1st, 2005

My favorite comfort food: Rasam ,rice and vendakka currry. something so basic and homely about it. i have often hallucinated in class while at college about a plate of hot rice and a generous helping of ammas tomato rasam. this is also one of my cravings when i was pregnant with shraddha and shresht.

speaking of ammas food, my other favorites are her methi kababs(with due respect) we prefer to call them shitballs ....much to ammas disgust!

then her kootu...appa used to love it. though he would always say his mom made the best kootu.
another of appas fav. was raw banana chips homemade. its amazing that my daughter shraddha has so many of appas food habits. even the way she eats with her fingers is a lot like him.

message in a bottle

Somehow this msg in a bottle thing has been on my mind ever since i read the book.

was just curious if any of you ever tried it and if you did where did you throw the bottle?

did you get a reply?

what is a good place in India to throw it?

any ideas where it will go ?

what are the major ocean currents in India?

i really wonder.



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